#RefreshYourLook just like 7up

Everyone thinks about New resolutions on New year which won’t last long, to be very honest. Why not start thinking about a New look that might last longer than the resolutions? Ahan! What an idea.

Wanna know what my new year, new look inspiration is? It’s the storm of social media posts about amazing #RefreshYourLook event few days ago and those Zaid Ali T selfies. My favorite drink 7up has teamed up with 7 celebrities to unveil their new clean and minimalistic logo and they did it in style.

Urwa Hocane, Mohsin Abbas, Farhan Saeed, Anoushey Ashraf, Uzair Jaswal, Sarwat Gillani and Zoe Viccaji were there to flaunt their new and refreshed looks, Styled by Shammal Qureshi of Toni&Guy.

Zaid Ali T with Shammal Qureshi

Selfies of internet sensation Zaid Ali T with the top 7 celebrities are doing rounds on social media. He had a blast with the young and vivacious celebs and surely made us all jealous. Why can’t I be there to have a selfie with uzair jaswal?


7up is a much loved brand not only because of its catchy jingles like mana lo food ka love but for its unique taste. The new logo looks quite refreshing with a white backdrop and makes you feel fresh while looking at it.

Are you ready to #RefreshYourLook ? Why not have a look as fresh as 7up.


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