#LaysLegends #AkramAndMessi took social media with a storm

Pakistan’s favorite crisps, Lays has undoubtedly taken over social media with a storm after #LaysLegends are revealed in their recent TVC. Brand has creatively made fans guess about the Legends on their Facebook page before the ad release.

Ace footballer and five times BallonD’Or winner, Leo Messi appeared with The sultan of swing, Wasim Akram enjoying lays while roaming around Italy. It was a huge surprise for the fans of both the players and lays.

Since the release of TVC on digital media it’s the talk of the town. Lays Pakistan has also engaged audience by asking questions about the TVC. Twitteratis actively participated in the contest and some lucky winners will be having the taste of new lays. No wonder that #LaysLegends trended for hours on Twitter alongwith #YougurtAndHerb & #AkramAndMessi.

Mambo Italiano jingle is very catchy and you can’t stripe yourself humming along. Wasim Akram has appeared in the ad in a totally different look wearing a floral shirt (that wasn’t liked by few but I guess it’s looking fresh) while Messi is looking super cute.

Here’s the TVC bringing Football and Cricket #LaysLegends together for the very first time to introduce a new flavor, #YougurtAndHerb. Can’t wait to try it.


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