#PlantAPack by #Lays for #CleanAndGreen Pakistan

Lays Pakistan begins 2016 with a bang when they launched a new flavor #YougurtAndHerb with Sports celebrities Messi and Wasim Akram. They ain’t stopping with just the TVC. There’s a new CSR campaign titled #CleanAndGreen and has been launched with a bumper where Wasim bhai conveys an important message of not to litter.

#PlantAPack came as an extension of #CleanAndGreen campaign where students of different universities are being engaged to promote clean and green Pakistan. #PlantAPack initiative kicked off at IBA, Karachi yesterday and it took social media with a storm. Indeed an impressive effort for environmental conservation.

#PlantAPack emphasizes on re-cycle and re-use of non-degradable plastic bags of Lays chips. The initiative behind this campaign is to spread the message of keeping Pakistan Clean And Green by taking simple steps such as putting trash where it belongs and encourage gardening . The aim is to spread awareness and create a positive impact in the fight against littering.

For #PlantAPack University Activation Brand Ambassadors dressed as tree mascots will be showing participants how to plant a pack. The planted packs by students will be displayed on an ECO BOARD ( A wall which students of the given universities can decorate by hanging their plants.) To make it more intresting uiversities are competing with each other to create the biggest positive impact and have the most aesthetically pleasing eco board followed by a Hashtag picture competition #PlantAPack (Lucky draw) to win UEFA Champions league Jackets and Laptop bags. Isn’t it amazing? I loved the concept of the campaign and first execution in IBA was pretty impressive.

How to #PlantAPack?

Planting a pack is inverting a lays pack (Inside out) then filling it with soil and planting a flower/plant, the bags are hence utilized as bases/replacements for flower pots. Each planted pack will be a source of freshness and of course clean air. You can also try doing it at home specially in your kitchen windows and terrace walls.

How many plants can you pack in a week? I hope so many ☺


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