Broadway pizza deal by Foodpanda to the rescue

Karachi had a blackout yesterday and it was 6-8 hours long two spells in a day. On days like this when there’s no electricity and you have couple of guests over, there’s only one saviour of all food necessities i.e. Foodpanda Pakistan.

I am living in apartments and hours long blackout means there’s no water to do the dishes. So eventually you had to grab readymade food and what better than pizza 😆 (You don’t need plates for that lol). My relatives were from Nawabshah and staying with us these days. You can’t compromise on food for guests, be it loadshedding or no loadshedding. So yeah 🍕 party it is.

I’ve decided to order Broadway Pizza for the first time through Foodpanda. They are offering amazing 50% off on Broadway till 31st January. 2, 13″ stuffed crust pizzas with four sauces for Rs1399 seems a pretty awesome deal. Can’t resist ordering.


Foodpanda promises to deliver the food in an hour and the food arrived on time. Hot and delicious looking fajita and Tikka flavoured pizza’s bring light with them. Things can’t get better than this. Foodpanda ko Thankyou to banta hy bhae amazingly discounted deals k liaye. Such a saviour.


My guests were pleased rather impressed that I’ve ordered pizza for them (sshhhhh I haven’t told them about the discount lol).


Now let’s come to the Food review part. Here’s my observation and suggestions.

The pizza tastes great when hot and the Broadway sauces were the bomb. Delicious. Loved the BBQ and ranch sauces. Tikka flavor lacks a punch though. It was bland. A few bites of stuffed crust was bit undercooked too but that’s OK. Everything can’t be perfect 🙂


Overall, good for no dent on pocket food deal that you can enjoy with family and friends. We’re planning a movie marathon this Sunday to avail this deal again before it goes offline.

Happy eating and say thanks to beloved panda in our lives!!


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