#PehanMagarPyarSey revealed as First lawn of 2016 by J dot

There was a flood of truck art inspired billboards all over Karachi last week with a colorful one liner, Pehan Magar Pyar Sey. Probably the coolest billboards but the cleverest too as they were not revealing brand identity at all. Making people wonder what it could be and who is behind it. Indeed a good strategy to build hype.


The word Pehan refers to clothing and it was being speculated that it is a Fashion label. The guessing game continues on social media. The curiosity remains until the reveal on February 1st that it’s none other than the J dot lawn.


Always bringing their lawn at the beginning of the year, J dot has done it again this year. First lawn of year 2016 is #HarRangApna volume 1 and will be revealed on February 4th.


I am so looking forward to the colorful truck art inspired lawn prints by J dot. No longer wanted boring and dull colored Lawn dresses.

Pehan magar Pyar Sey kyun Kay har rang apna hy.


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