#StingChallenge Gloves Giveaway by Amir Khan

What an eventful year 2015 has been for stingers and fans of Boxing King, Amir Khan in Pakistan. Sting energy drink has managed to keep fans hooked to their social media platforms with back to back #StingChallenges last year. Fans challenged Amir Khan thrice and The king of the ring lives up to all the expectations with his amazing energy.


2016 has a lot more in store for sting and Amir Khan fans. It’s time to face the challenge set by Amir and the excitement of fans is unimaginable. It’s a chance of a lifetime for fans of the great boxer and sting is leaving no stone unturned to make it big.

Get A Chance To Win Amir Khan's Signed Gloves – #StingChallenge

Here it is, Stingers! The #StingChallenge you’ve all been waiting for! Here’s your chance to win a pair of gloves signed by King Amir Khan, himself! Take a look at the video for more details and may the best Stinger win!

Posted by Sting Energy Drink on Thursday, January 14, 2016

You must’ve seen those Limited Edition Bottles of Sting with Amir Khan poster on it. They’re in the market specially for Amir Khan fans and a collectibles item.

#StingChallenge Finale is live on sting facebook page
 With this new challenge one lucky Stinger will get to take home an extra-special prize – A pair of Boxing Gloves signed exclusively by Amir Khan himself. Yes!! It’s that exclusive giveaway and here’s the king signing gloves himself for you to grab. Excited much?

Brand new style. Same old Jhatzzzka. Are you ready to take on the King of Sting? Grab your bottle before they run out and take on the #StingChallenge today!

Posted by Sting Energy Drink on Thursday, January 14, 2016

I am on a sting spree to collect most of the limited edition sting bottles and surely be participating to win these gloves. Fingers crossed. Please pray that I can win or if you’re not praying for me, I’ll pray that you win it 🙂 Keep visiting Sting Facebook page for updates.


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