#LaysLegends – Branding with a message

By now you must’ve come across, “There’s a new chip in town!” interactive 3D billboard in your city. Recently Lays Pakistan has launched a new flavor #YougurtAndHerb in Pakistan with a TVC featuring #LaysLegends, Football legend Messi and Sultan of swing Wasim Akram.

The campaign was talk of the town with its digital release as well as conventional media run but what follows the TVC is actually the hero of campaign. Yes!! It’s the CSR campaign that is having an impact on society positively. Say no to litter is what we need to learn and spread awareness about. After all it’s our responsibility to make an effort towards betterment of environment around.

#LaysLegends campaign’s outdoor branding is the coolest in recent times too. Look at the futuristic 3D billboards in Lahore, beautifully lit banners in Islamabad 9th avenue and creative standees of #LaysLegends on bus stands of multan, not only they look good and serves a purpose but spreads the message of cleanliness across. The life size cutouts of Messi and Akram are so inviting that you want to have a picture with them. Kudos to the brand for utilizing celebrity power not only to attract customers but to spread awareness too.


I’ve tried the #YougurtAndHerb flavor of Lays and hooked to it these days. I am also teaching myself and my kids not to litter. I am trying to play my part. Are you?

Thanks to Lays Pakistan for such a beautiful CSR campaign that is having such a positive impact on our lifestyle and society. Way to go Lays Pakistan.


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