7Up and Karachi Eat – Match made in heaven

Karachi Eat Festival is getting bigger and better with every passing year. The foodscape of Karachi is a diverse one and such festivals gives a chance to explore taste of various cuisines all in one place. This year’s yummy for my tummy foodie extravaganza was perfect-i-fied by the refreshing drink of all times i.e. 7up. The perfect bubbly and fresh sip that makes meals lighter. Can’t get better than this.


From Desi chaats to farangi pasta, from Desi biryani to farangi sandwiches there were lots of foodie goodness to try at Karachi Eat Festival. Thank God! I spotted the 7UP stall for all my post food refreshment needs. After sampling so many tasty things you need to calm down your taste buds with a refreshing sip of 7up. Ahaaaaa!!! Ready for more?

The Biryani I had from Shan stall was so tasty that I want to go for it everyday. It was perfection to the last bite. Tried much raved Mexican churros with chocolate and OMG!! they were so yum. Had Danish sandwiches for the first time and they were OK-ish. Gobbled down with 7UP made it easy to roam around and hunt more food 🙂

Overall 7up made my foodie adventure to Karachi Eat Festival worth every penny. After all it’s the perfect drink for every kind of meal. I wish they always stick together and bring such awesome festivals more than once a year. Maybe every month? Whatsay?


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