#MobilinkKaySikandar #LahoreQalandars

#MobilinkKaySikandar ad celebrating spirit of Cricket #DamaDamMast

Pakistan’s very own and first ever cricket league, PSL (currently being played in Dubai) ignites the passion of Pakistani cricket fans and brands on a whole new level. With the inclusion of foreign players like Gayle, Watson & Delport, PSL gains worth of excitement. Team endorsements and collaborations further strengthens PSLT20 and turned it into a mega event for cricket fans around the globe.

Every team of PSL has come up with an exciting anthem/ad with the support rendered by celebrities and franchise sponsors. So good to see telecom giant like Mobilink to step up and promote first ever cricket league of Pakistan. What fun it is to see our local talent performing high energy T20 matches.

#MobilinkKaySikandar ad for team #LahoreQalandars is winning hearts across the country. It is well conceived and executed to incorporate all that depicts the essence of Lahore.

The beats of Dhol & whirling Dhol wala, street cricket, scrumptious lahori food, vibrant and rich culture of the city, it’s years old heritage, the sight of zealous lahori cricket fans, our passion for the game has been perfectly captured in the ad. You will have goosebumps with the sounds of #DamaDamMast during the ad. It has been filmed so well, specially the sound design makes it a delight to watch. It can’t get better than this. Definitely my favorite one despite not being a lahori myself 🙂

T20 is the modern-day cricket and has more twists and drama than any other game. Every ball changes the face of the game & keeps you hooked. #MobilinkKaySikandar, tagline for PSLT20 team #LahoreQalandars is so apt as it encapsulates the spirit of T20 game. Fight for the glory.

Here’s to the spirit of cricket. #AbKhelKeDikha


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