#ParkTowers Colors of Spring festival is a must go

Malls in Karachi are a must visit places on weekends for families coz they not only cater to the shopping needs but also provides much needed fun and entertainment activities. Quite a recreational experience for the whole family. Time constraints contributes towards popularity of malls too coz they provide you everything from groceries to garments, food to accessories etc. Park towers has been there for years now and one of my favorite places to go with the family.



Yesterday, I went with my family to park towers as there were quite a lot of sales going on and I had to shop for men in my family. The mall was so beautifully decorated with balloons and fresh flowers as they were celebrating colors of spring festival from 12th to 14th Feb. Lots of fun activities were happening there for kids too. Spotted Amir Adnan’s sale too. Yaay me!! Got the perfect menswear there.



While menswear shopping the kids kept hooked to the activities area; meeting Mario, catching hearts inside an air blowing booth, shoot n win and lots more. There were free candies and biscuits too. Premium DolceGusto coffee was also being served. Karaja makeup kiosk was a favourite of ladies as they were giving free makeovers to the shoppers. I had and loved it. Shop n win ceremony happens everyday with lots of prizes and you can enter by spending Rs2500.


Such a fun time I had and a fuss free shopping experience as kids were happily hooked to activities. Park towers is a must visit place but colors of spring festival has made it even more special.




Kudos to the management for providing such an entertaining shopping experience.

My daughter won a gift hamper too and it was a bag full of yummy goodies. Don’t miss out people on so much fun. Today is the last day but I hope park tower will continue with such amazing festivals.


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