Food with 7UP- Always #ABetterLoveStory

Is there #ABetterLoveStory than Romeo Juliet or Heer Ranjha ever? Probably Yes because modern generation has understood that the conventional love stories don’t have happy endings. All’s well that ends well and there’s only one loyal partner who never lets you down, makes you happy; allowing to live happily ever after. Now that’s #ABetterLoveStory isn’t it?

Now guess who’s that dream and loyal partner in your life? Yes, its food.

No love is greater than the love of Food- Julia Child

7up has come up with a unique, unconventional campaign this Valentine’s Day and I can’t stop loving it for the responses it gets. Totally nailed the concept. They’ve teamed up with singer Mooro and he just put up a great show of comparison between true and conventional love.

Famous Facebook group ‘foodies r us’ was soon bombarded with public’s love of food with cute stories about how they and food make a better love story. From this interesting comment thread a lucky fan, Saad Hameed’s love story made him win a whooping 10K voucher to dine with the love of his life at Cafe Aylanto. Woah!! Now that’s #ABetterLoveStory.

Hameed says that his chicken was better than any other conventional love story because chicken didn’t just make empty promises but it actually went through and died for you so you could enjoy your delicious meal! Hui na #ABetterLoveStory?

What I had on Valentine’s was exactly #ABetterLoveStory than conventional one’s. Look at my love and sugar filled story and see how blessed I am with my love 😆



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