#DewMocracy – Get #ReadyToVote for your favorite Dew

It all begins on Social media and turned into an event that even celebrities feel like talking about. #DoTheDew has completely transformed itself with #DewMocracy and people are just loving it. The excitement and engagement level of dew fans is amazing so far. Not every campaign gets such love and enthusiasm of fans tbh and that too writhin just few hours.



So, what exactly dewmocracy is? Let me explain. Dew Pakistan has decided to come up with a unique concept for the launch of a new flavor and color of dew. They’ve released a video of soda dispenser that has three colored drinks. People were surprised to spot a colored drink.


#DewMocracy is all about the three new colors and flavors of Dew.

1- Blue Shock Raspberry flavor
2- Pitch Black Grape flavor
3- Live Wire Orange flavor

All these flavors are limited edition drinks that you can enjoy BUT if you want Dew Pakistan to continue making any one of them, #DewMocracy allows you to vote for your favorite colored dew and SAVE it in the shelves ever after.

Yes!! You have to try all three of the flavors, pick one that you like the most and then vote for it. Join #DewMocracy page for voting and updates on all the action and #FlavorBattles happening between fans. You can Vote by sending name of your favorite new flavour in sms to 9300.

What are you waiting for then? #DoTheDew and get #ReadyToVote for your favorite flavor/color. My favorite one is blue and you have to vote for it. Ok? Don’t forget to #VoteForBlueShock as it’ll be a cool addition to our dinner tables 🙂


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