Fun filled #CadburyDairyMilk #MarvellousCreations launch

Cadbury dairy milk has launched two internationally successful variants of Cadbury Dairy milk Marvellous creations last month in Pakistan. Like the name suggests, its a marvellous feast of pop n crunch in your mouth as soon as you bite in the surprises inside. I just cant stop gobbling it down right now.

Marvellous Creations, an innovative sub-brand in the Cadbury Dairy Milk is uniquely shaped to any chocolate you have seen before and delivers a chunky eating experience in an exciting combination of textures and flavors.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations brings together a magical mix of delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with fun candy store ingredients like jelly, cookies and candies. It has been launched two variants:
Jelly Popping Candy ( having jelly and bunties)
Cookie Gummy Crunch ( having cookies and gum)

Hit the chocolate with dart and win it.

Personally I like the cookie one for its different texture and aptly sweet taste profile while my daughters seems to love jelly popping candy variant more, probably because of the crunch of candies. The shape of the chocolate bar is interesting and funky too and I loved it. It’s easy to bite and pieces can be pulled out smoothly from the bar. Large bar is ideal for a birthday party or present, perfect for sharing with friends n family. Sugar rush guaranteed.

#MarvellousCreations launch is supported by a strong integrated national marketing campaign that includes advertising, outdoor, impactful instore executions as well as experimental, PR and digital elements.  Marvellous Creations branding not only on its packaging but on all communication platforms spells out joy, festivity and excitement.

Giant screens to play candy crush on.

A carnival themed activation took place at Dolmen mall, Karachi last week. It was a festive platform for chocolate lovers to capture the essence of Marvellous Creations. The event was enjoyed by families and kids specially because of all the engaging interactive games like candy crush and activities like dart game to bring the Marvellous Creations concept to life.  The activation also hosted a fun photobooth that captured the joy and delight of consumers after having tried the product. My daughter just loved the props there and can’t stop asking for more pictures.

Marvellous creations photobooth.


Cadbury Dairy Milk has been serving Pakistani consumers for fifteen years while celebrating moments of joy and festive occasions, in line with its mission.


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