#PSLandFood – Foodie battles are on

Social media is all about real time happenings and it literally never sleeps. Every time you log into your social media accounts, the timeline is alive specially twitter. It’s fun to see what people are sharing and talking about. Pakistani Twitter scene is so much fun when it comes to food talks. We are foodies by heart and soul.

It’s like a custom to share what we’re eating or even thinking about eating. Twitter food talks gets a new spin with ongoing cricket league. Pakistan’s first ever cricket league aka PSL is happening in Dubai. All the competing teams have turned into foodie favorites and being discussed a lot about. Such fun to read all those Nihari & Biryani references for Karachi, Payee for Lahore, Kebab pulao for Islamabad, Sajji for Quetta and Karahi for Peshawar. Such a scrumptious Twitter I tell you.

Thanks to Cheflingtales for scrumptious Food and PSL related posts throughout PSL. Here’s a glimpse of some of the #PSLandFOOd tweets posted during inaugural PSLT20 so far. #AbKhaKeDikha


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