InKompass global offers #BestInternshipEver in Pakistan

If you’re an undergraduate student of any HEC recognized institute of Pakistan and looking for an internship, inKompass global is claiming to offer the #BestInternshipEver out there. Read to find out why and how to apply.

InKompass global offers a unique two cycle internship program that spans 6 weeks in two consecutive years. Surprised? Well that’s why it’s the #BestInternshipEver


Selected individuals will be allocated with real tasks unlike other internships where you just have to assist others or do mundane tasks and learn nothing. InKompass will train, mentor their interns with on ground tasks with a goal to achieve results. It’s an opportunity to not only learn new skills but to grow and face how challenging work life is going to be after graduation.

You have a week left to apply for inKompass global internship program. Go through inkompass global website to know more about them and their previous interns. Here’s the link of application form.

Best of luck. Go intern-national.


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