Edenrobe #TrulyYours lawn is #PraisingWomen

Lawn season is here and with tried and tested brands there are many new ones launching lawn this year.  Edenrobe, a reputed name in fashion for men, women and kids has stepped in the lawn market with premium unstitched lawn collection.


It was launched at Edenrobe store on 5th March, 2016. Bloggers and fashion enthusiasts were invited at the launch. The campaign #PraisingWomen is directed towards appreciating women who love to wear lawn.


The unstitched lawn from Edenrobe is inspired from different themes which ranges from Turkish arts, William Morris, Floral themes etc. The colors are as per the summer forecast.


Apart from unstitched lawn, Edenrobe supports the idea of women wearing the traditional lawn dresses. With unstitched lawn collection by Edenrobe, it becomes easier for women to wear affordable and fine quality lawn.


Edenrobe came up with the hashtag #TrulyYours to give an impression to the customers that the brand is striving to deliver only the best to its customers with right communication and message tone.


2 thoughts on “Edenrobe #TrulyYours lawn is #PraisingWomen”

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