#VoteForYourFlavor – Let #DewMocracy prevail

#DewMocracy aagai te Chaa gaye wala scene hai. It has been the talk of the town since it’s launch a month back in Pakistan. The neon green drink that dares you to #DoTheDew has emerged as a marketing giant with #DewMocracy campaign. Three new scintillating flavours of Dew with quirky names & attractive colors are keeping DewMocracy a craze among millennials. image

Not every newly launched flavour of Dew is here to stay sadly. DewMocracy is all about your choice. People are given the power to vote for their favourite flavor on 4 different platforms. The flavour bottle with maximum votes will stay with the classic neon green dew in the market.

How to Dew #DewMocracy?

Here’s your chance to Dew it the way you like it. Taste the new flavours of Dew, pick a favorite and go vote on either of the 4 available platforms using the following hashtags:

#VoteForBlueShock (for the BEST Blue Dew)
#VoteForPitchBlack (for purple grapes dew)
#VoteForLiveWire (for orange dew)

1- Facebook Voting

DewMocracy needs your votes to let a flavour survive. Go to this link and #VoteForBlueShock coz I want it to stay 😂

2- Twitter Voting

Pretty simple. Tweet with your favorite flavour’s Hashtag to make it count. Remember #VoteForBlueShock is what I want 😆

3- SMS

Type flavors name and send it to 9300. Voila!!

4- Whatsapp

Yes you can vote via Whatsapp too. Send your vote at 0321-6699994.

That’s how simple it is to dew the #DewMocracy. I loved the blue flavor and wants it to stay in the market. Need to vote on every platform to make it win. #VoteForBlueShock dewds and Ladews!! It has to win.


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