#TasteTheGlory – Exceptional Outdoor branding by Lays

Lays Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned this year when it comes to creative branding and surprising the audiences. From the #LaysLegends to #CleanAndGreen and then UEFA champions league association, lays Pakistan is going bigger and better. In the recent past you must’ve spotted life size neon lit cutouts of Akram and Messi at Tariq road roundabout. It looks as if they’re both playing. Unreal and catchy.

This time lays Pakistan has done something beyond my expectations. The Palm round about near dolmen mall, clifton has been turned into a glitzy and glamorous football stadium. The installation is so mesmerizing with all those creative lighting and brilliant placement of action figure of Messi showing his moves. It’s like giving life to a grand tournament like UEFA champions league. Woah!!! Looks like i am in Milan.


Truly exceptional. I haven’t seen anything like this before in Karachi. The same roundabout was earlier use for DewMocracy too but lays Pakistan installation is pretty huge and cool. The UEFA champions league dubsmash and #TasteTheGlory competitions are still on to win tickets to Milan. As a tribute to the taste of lays and UEFA giant installation, I’ll be sending my entries and hope to win something. What are you waiting for? Go #TasteTheGlory and be #GameReady.


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