Spot #PakistanKeNaam on Coke cans

Coca cola never fails to impress with its unique campaigns and surprises. #PakistanKeNaam is one of the memorable campaigns of recent times by Coke Pakistan as everyone can relate to it by spotting their names and feeling connected to the campaign.

“Pakistan Ke Naam” was part of the global campaign of The Coca-Cola Company titled, Share a Coke. Coca-Cola Pakistan has made a history by introducing a Limited Edition “Share a Coke with Pakistan” Green Pack to refresh and uplift the passion of Pakistani fans during the T20 cricket worldcup 2016.


In addition to this, for the first time, 150 Pakistani names were also printed on Coca-Cola cans and bottles and launched all across the country. The speciality of the name centric bottles resides in the fact that the Company used names, surnames as well as nick names on these bottles. 


Loving the green cans and I have spotted my name among the list of 150 names. Have you spotted yours?


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