Be #GameReady to #TasteTheGlory in Milan

Lays Pakistan has been on a roller coaster ride of campaigns since the beginning of this year. From the unconventional and surprising association of #AkramandMessi as #Layslegends to CSR activities like #PalantAPack and #LaysTrashformers this has been indeed an impressive year by the brand. With #TasteTheGlory and #GameReady Lays Pakistan is giving football fans in Pakistan a chance to witness the finale action of UEFA champions league live in Milan. Yes!! it is indeed a grand prize and that’s why people are all gaga about the coupon codes in Lays packs.

All you have to do is eat lays(obviously) and keep looking for a coupon code inside the pack (I GOT ONE. YAAAAYYY!! that too during the Quarter Finals of UEFA Champions league few days back) and SMS code to 9005. Keep your fingers crossed till the lucky draw. The grand prize winner will be sent to Milan to watch UEFA champions league finals. FINGERS CROSSED.

Lays Pakistan is not disappointing the rest of the fans of the game in Pakistan by screening important matches of UEFA champions league like they did in LUMS recently. It was the night of UEFA champions league quarter final matches when LUMS had the most beautiful screening setup ever by Lays Pakistan. Lucky you LUMS people. Hope to see such screenings happening countrywide for the fans of football.

It is good to see brands promoting sports other than just cricket in Pakistan. In the age of digital media and smartphones its important to focus on healthy activities like sports. We should encourage our kids to participate in physical activities more than just gaming.


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