#DermoViva – The Olive Oil Goodness for Babies

Being a parent you want the best for your kids and when it comes to baby products like massage oils, lotions and shampoos, all you need to think about is avoiding harsh chemicals. Recently I’ve read the news about a famous baby product brand that it has carcinogenic ingredients and a lady has won a lawsuit against them. Made me realize that how important it is to know the ingredients of the products that you’re using especially for your kids.

On my shopping visit to DMC earlier this month,  I came to know about Dermoviva baby products. Well known herbal brand Dabur has launched their chemical free baby products range “Dermoviva” in Pakistan that day with interesting activities for kids.

Main entrance of Dolmen mall, Clifton was crowded with parents and kids to know about the products as well as to participate in the hurdles race, setup beautifully inside a podium. Each hurdle represents a harmful chemical that usually baby products contain but thanks to Dabur that Dermoviva is made free of such chemicals like Phthalate,  Parables,  Paraffin and Sulphates.

The proof of the pudding lies in the taste and I’ve been using Dermoviva shampoo, Massage oil and baby cream since it’s launch. I have two hyperactive kids and they are blessed with very sensitive skin. Dermoviva baby range has olive oil based products that smells like heaven and works like a charm. I personally love the shampoo as it makes baby hairs so shiny with olive oil’s goodness.

Price of the product is very affordable to my surprise and I highly recommend it to mothers. Do try Dermoviva baby products and let me know the results. I hope you’ll also love it.


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