Kund Malir Beach – A travelogue

Baluchistan is no longer a road less traveled. Thanks to Kund Malir Beach and Hingol National Park, this part of Baluchistan is being explored by people of Karachi on a regular basis. It’s the new favorite recreational spot that’s IN these days. Finally after much discussions, I had a road trip to the most beautiful and cleanest beach of Pakistan.

Because of being far away and a bit not so well-known, you need to get in touch with tour operators for a detailed visit of Hingol and Kund Malir or you can get a coaster booked with driver who is familiar with the place. We’ve opted for a car ride with families. Yes!! It was a daring decision. Was worth it or not? Read and find out.

So, it was a trip with families of close friends and us in our own vehicles. We were traveling in a Cultus with 3.5 year old and 1.5 yr old kids while rest of the people were in separate cars. We left home at 6 am. Got fuel tank and CNG cylinder filled and a can of extra fuel (just in case). Made some no oil chicken roast, kebabs for lunch and sandwiches for munching on our way while kids got their favorite snacks too. A cooler with some ice and cold drink cans saved the day by being chilled enough. Water bottles are a must as you won’t find them there.

From Karachi to Hub or should I say Windar, it’s not a smooth ride because of bad roads and mobile signals. As soon as you start driving on Makran Coastal highway, it becomes a dreamy road trip. A smooth and ideal ride with views just like movies. A straight road with white and yellow stripes in the middle of nowhere, leading towards horizon. It’s definitely dreamy until you realize that you’ve lost cell phone signals. Yes!! you’re socially disconnected now with the world to enjoy the real world.

After being through two coast guard check posts and toll tax collection points & a 250 Km ride through a desert with mountains in the backdrop, you’ll reach Kund Malir Beach. It took us almost 4 hours to be there while stopping twice for fueling ( once in Karachi and once in Hub. No fuel stations after windar) and once for breakfast tea in Windar.


After reaching the beach site I realize that it’s not a lesser known spot anymore as I can spot thousand people already there. It was a crowded beach probably because of Sunday. We were a group of 16-18 people and came to know that a room with washroom can be booked. We were charged Rs 4500 for the room which was clean, carpeted and the washroom has plenty of water. So, yeah I recommend to ask for huts/rooms around if you’re with family, else you can get shades or tents too.

There’s a hotel there for my surprise and a dhaba too but we have our food with us that’s why I can’t check the available food options there. Now coming to the beach, the sandy portion was hell hot. I can’t even walk on that sand wearing a flat shoe, Damn!!! Have lots of sunblock people coz it was scorching but the water is as clear as it could be. So blue and so cold. You can see live sea shells at the beach. The prettiest beach in Pakistan is definitely Kund malir.

Panoramic View of Kund Malir Beach, Baluchistan

I regret to miss out on Princess of hope and Hingol national park because of two fussy kids and the next day being Monday but this will keep us motivated to visit the place again.

Have you been there yet? Do share your experience.


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