The festive ride of #KarnivalOnWheels comes to an End

What fun it is to have a feel of carnival integrated with a float that travels across the country. Kurkure Pakistan has been on a fun ride this past month to entertain people of 10 cities of Pakistan with #KarnivalOnWheels and what an amazing journey this has been.

It was a huge decorated truck with a festive feel. An array of exciting activities were setup for public so that they can enjoy the krunch of kurkure and win some prizes too. Product integration on #KarnivalOnWheels float was impeccable. There were three major challenges for participants:

Krunch challenge

This is the most basic Kurkure challenge that involves the lowest krunch sound. There was a decibel meter there to record the loudest munch.

Flavor Challenge

It was an interesting kurkure fan hunt with blind taste test. Whoever guessed the flavor right, wins it.

Kurkure Bites Challenge

It was the fastest finger first challenge. Gobble down the pack as fast as you can and you’re done.

What fun ride this has been from Islamabad to Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and then finally landing in Karachi. Totally loved the concept of #KarnivalOnWheels and I’d like it to be a ritual from now onwards. Maybe giving us a ride for Pakistan tour on #KarnivalOnWheels? What say?

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