Help LRBT fight blindness with your donations

The Holy month of Ramadan is here with all its blessings and you must be looking towards a charity to donate or deposit zakat for the deserving. There are lots of organizations and NGOs doing great work and definitely deserve donations to thrive. LRBT is one of the most deserving NGO among several others. Your donation to LRBT can be the vision of someone.


LRBT is the largest Eye care trust of Pakistan fighting blindness & transforming lives of people. In its 31 years of existence, LRBT has given the gift of sight to over 32 million poor people through its network of 19 hospitals and 55 clinics. However, there are still millions of people who need help. A small amount of about $80 can provide someone with the gift of sight and many of us can spare it. No?

21 million people in Pakistan are either blind or have impaired vision; of those 2.5 million are children.
Help LRBT with your donations and Zakat to change lives. No body needs to be blind just because they can’t afford the treatment to see the world.

For making online donations,  click Here.

1 out of every 3 eye patients in Pakistan are treated at LRBT. They’re the hope of vision for million eyes. Be someone’s miracle!!

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