Ramazan #MadeEasy with National Foods

Summers and Ramazan calls for some magic trick to cut down time spent in kitchen and thank God I got that trick this year. All credit goes to National Foods MadeEasy approach and chef Saadat for blessing us not only with some handy kitchen tips but for his unique quick and easy recipes for Iftaar and Sehri.

Since the National Foods Bloggers meetup where I had a chance to meet Chef Saadat and taste his food, I was so tempted to try his fusion ideas made easy with such tempting videos. A recipe is now just a minute away.

I have tried few recipes from the MadeEasy video section and they’ve turned out yum. Here’s my MadeEasy journey so far this Ramazan.

Peri Bites:

MadeEasy Peri Bites

This was the best thing that I have made this Ramazan and repeatedly so far. It has been made easy peasy by National foods but the only trick you need to master is cutting and de-seeding jalapenos.

My Tip: Squeeze a lemon over chilies before filling them and try to make them before iftaar and let them sit in your fridge for better frying.

Masla Dosa:


Can’t thank enough for this made easy recipe coz it doesn’t require sitting of Dosa batter for fermentation. The Aaloo bhurta turned out to be finger licking good we’ve had the left over in Sehri with parathas. It is a house favorite non-veg meal now.

My Tip: Non-stick pan will do the trick for dosa and as Chef said,”pehla dosa kharab hi banta hai” so keep practicing.

Mint lemonade:

MadeEasy Mint Lemonade

This drink will make you refreshed with every sip. The ting of lime and coolness of mint will make your dehydrated rozaydaar self extremely satisfied. perfect summer cooler it is.

My Tip: Blend the mint at the last moment for the freshness.

Pizza Paratha:

MadeEasy Pizza Paratha

I’ve made this paratha one fine sehri morning when there was ‘egg-mergency’ spotted. There were no eggs available that day and i was running out of time to make something quick. had some left over chicken and cheese so I gave pizza paratha a try. So filling and hearty meal that kids will fall in love with.

My Tip: Mix two o three types of cheese for a flavor burst.

Go through MadeEasy website or download iOS/Android app to learn more of such easy recipes and thank National Foods Pakistan for being so helpful with their contemporary cooking approach.

A recipe mix is not just a box of one recipe wonder. the possibilities are endless. use them as suggested by Chef Saadat or create your own masterpieces of indulgence. Ever tried making aaloo ki bhujia with achar gosht masala? or making a steak with tikka masala?

I tried using spices in different ways. Like I’ve used National Tawa Chicken Masala as a steak rub on this grilled chicken.

I have also added National Karahi Masala to cook simple aaloo qeema for sehri and it was a hit.


Not to forget the hero among all desi Pakistani spices, National Chaat Masala can save your taste buds from getting bored. Sprinkle over Pakorras to Dahi barra to French fries or try stuffing it inside a jalapeño with some lemon juice and mashed potato. This is the super hero of all spices.

Do try creating some gastronomical wonders with National Foods MadeEasy this Ramazan.

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