7Up #FoodieswithoutBorders celebrated regional cuisine

Imagine yourself roaming around Lahore and suddenly you got craving of succulent namkeen tikka that you had in Peshawar once or Burns Road kay bun kebab that you had loved during your Karachi visit, what would you do? You will definitely be going to have a sigh moment, miss being there in the other city and move on.

No matter how much the foodie inside you is asking for the authentic food of other cities you have to compromise with the locally available versions. How can the foodie trademark drink of Pakistan, 7Up can ignore such genuine cravings. Afterall they’re the official foodie drink of our country and they know what a foodie wants.

7Up always come up with refreshing ideas just like its taste to unite foodies from all over Pakistan. Recently Lahore hosted first ever 7Up #FoodieswithoutBorders event to satisfy regional food cravings of foodies. What a grand and unique event it was. Although I wasn’t there but apparently I’ve seen it all through snapchat of my Lahore based friends Aman, Abdullah and Huda. My God!! All my Lahori friends had such an amazing time while gobbling down scrumptious food from all over Pakistan. I am so jealous of them by the way. Their snapstories were all painted green by 7Up and yummy cultural delicacies.

Be it Peshawari Chapli kebab, Charsi Namkeen Tikka, Burns road ke Bunkebabs, Karachi’s signature 7Up Limca, haleem and gol gappay or Lahori Phajjay ke payee, Waris Nihari, Gurday chaanp, Chikkarr Cholay and doodh soda, #FoodiesWithoutBorders brought these popular delicacies from their authentic vendors just for the most amazing foodie experience under one roof. Yes, You read that right. 7Up manages to gather around two dozen authentic vendors from Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore to have their signature dishes at #Foodieswithoutborders event so that people can enjoy the authentic taste of famous foods. Hats off for the effort and idea guys. You have raised the bar for any future food festival.

I was drooling over the scrumptious food spread, loved desi yet hip ambiance with live music by the popular sans vocalist band khumariyaan (they are btw coming up with their version of GoT theme song soon) that took over my snapchat with storm. Virtually met so many celebrities like Noor, Cybil, Ali Hamza, Ammanat Ali, Ahmed Ali Button, Niman Javed, Q of Josh etc as they were all enjoying the taste of famous regional trademark dishes and expressing their love of food in the coolest video booth ever. Loved Ahmed Ali Butt’s chanay reference and Burp in the video booth and Amanat Ali’s singing or Dhaga Kebabs. Such fun vibes.

Loved the rickshaw one liners in the backdrop where my friends had some great pictures.

Such a fun combo of food, music and fun it was. I hope 7Up brings #FoodieswithoutBorders to Karachi too so that we can mana lo food ka love with some great music and off course  our favorite drink 7Up.

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