The Dawood Foundation Hosts a Summer Camp for Less privileged Children

Summer camps are a thing these days and you’ll find so many happening in Karachi. Have you ever heard about  a Summer Camp that’s free? And that too for less privileged kids? At least I haven’t heard about such summer camp in Karachi before. Thanks to The Dawood Foundation there is a Summer Camp for kids who can’t afford such expensive training programs and better utilize their summers while learning and making their time worth it.

With an aim to inspire underprivileged children to pursue education for a better life, The Dawood Foundation (TDF) has organised a fun-filled and interactive summer camp at DPS. The two-week summer camp has over 100 children from various upbringings, including street children, who are being guided by experts of subjects.Dawood foundation summer camp 2016 karachi (2)

The program is specially designed to let every child explore and exhibit their creative flare. It refines the unique skills that every individual possesses and provides a rich learning opportunity. The camp includes activities pertaining to the fields of Science, English, Arts & Crafts, Computers and Music among others.

The Arts & Crafts module transports the kids to a colorful and imaginative journey of learning while having fun. The Music lessons give the children an enthralling experience of singing in a choir for the very first time. Likewise, the English sessions are meticulously planned to inculcate the basic understanding of Grammar, equipping the children for their future endeavors in English language.Dawood foundation summer camp 2016 karachi (1)

In the Computer Lab, students are profoundly interested in playing games and learning hands-on Microsoft Office. Since they have never operated a computer before, the aura brims with excitement. At the Science lessons, they get a chance to experiment with real-life objects.

Speaking about this extraordinary initiative, Syed Fasihuddin Biyabani, General Manager, TDF said:

“We believe that imparting education to this segment of our society would help us in bringing positive social change. Through this summer camp, our teachers and staff are dedicated to inculcating learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills among these children. In this way, we are able to amplify their self-confidence.”

The camp centers on the idea of inclusivity of children hailing from underprivileged backgrounds. It comprises of students from Rahat-e-Islami School (adopted by TDF), children of support staff at TDF Head Office and DPS, along with street children from Old Sabzi Mandi area – divided into two age groups of 5-10 years and 11-14 years.
Apart from indulging in educational activities, the kids are also being taught moral and ethical values through interactive videos. For better physical and mental development, they are also engaged in delightful indoor games throughout the session. The summer camp is absolutely free of cost and provides free pick & drop facility, lunch, stationery and art supplies to all the students.


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