#PoliceAwamSaathSaath – Bridging the Gap

Police Awam Saath saath is an initiative by National Police Bureau of Pakistan, aiming to bridge the gap between the police and the public of Pakistan. I have been seeing this community growing and making its presence felt on social media in past few months. Police department has no such praises under their belts despite sacrificing lives and always being there to serve us(Awaam) . Of course there’s a reason behind such public behavior of not recognizing the good things about our police, perhaps the wrong doings overshadows the positive vibes often. 

Police Awam Saath saath Whatever the case maybe, I guess it is about time that awam and police know each other through easily accessible social media platforms and put the forum to a good use by sharing their experiences or stories.

I see people calling police wala on the road as Tulla or farmi anda out of disrespect because we have a perception that they’re all corrupt. ‘Signal torro, Chai paani do aur nikal lo’,  This is our mindset and needs overhauling too. The hindrance one faces to report a crime to the nearest police station and the fear of dealing with police is an important issue too. There are good people in the police force too and it’s about time that we share their stories, listen to the hard work that they’re doing an Dahi their families go through. Afterall, policemen are one of us and they’re there to serve us. No one should be above the law. 

Police awam saath saath forum can also be wisely used as a platform to voice your opinions and experiences regarding police of your area. If you have experienced something, whether good or bad, let people hear it. Share it to bridge the gap. Let the fear of dealing with police die. It is also indispensable to make it easier for public to access men in power. 

#PoliceKoJanain aur apnay faraiz ko bhi janain taakay aap apnay haqooq k liae larr sakain. #PoliceAwamSaathsaaath hongay to Pakistani society tarraqi karegi.

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