#MyTicketHunt on Cheetos Claw Ride

Being a parent I am always looking for exciting activities happening around for kids. Physical activities are so limited for kids these days after the inception of smart gadgets Era but it is necessary for growing kids. It was a surprise to see Cheetos Pakistan coming up with a giant claw ride idea for Kid’s favorite movie Ice Age’s premier in Lahore earlier this month. 

It was a fun collaboration to gain kid’s interests and bang on marketing. My kids love Ocean safari cheetos and I am a fan too. So is the case with our Ice age obsession. So a thumbs up for the idea of collaboration.

At Lahore Fortress, Cheetos Giant claw ride gave the opportunity of grabbing as a many cheetos as you can along with Ice age movie tickets for the first time as Lahore hosted a star studded Ice age movie premier. 
Ek ticket main do mazay. No more pop corn munching while watching Iceage Han? Go grab your cheetos and enjoy the movie kinda scene. Loved it when it was all over social media and probably then Cheetos Pakistan decided to bring this fun activity in other cities too. 

Last week Cheetos Giant claw ride was setup at Atrium Mall Karachi. I visited it with my kids and they had so much fun hunting those ocean safari cheetos packs on the claw ride. The ride was jam packed with cheetos fans and kinda crazy too.  Bad luck that we didn’t get any Iceage tickets😭😭,  yet it was a fun experience. 

The claw ride is not resting and you can find it in Centaurus Mall Islamabad this weekend. Go grab your Cheesy cheetos and hunt Movies tickets Isloo. It’s all yours now. 

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