How to have the best school year in 2016

It is that time of the year! Everyone is getting ready to go back to their schools, excited to reconnect with their friends, eager to use their new books and notebooks and stationery and looking forward to yet another year of learning, struggling and having fun on the way.

While some of us look forward to this new academic year, there are many who dread it. Out of the fear of meeting new people or another year of studying and exams and lots of homework or just due to the losing the simple joy of not waking up at 6:00 am in the morning.

As we all prepare for the school, we all think about ways to make this year the best. We think about making the most of it. Back then as a student, I used to think about what new things I would want to do to make my year amazing or who do I want to meet and what new challenges am I going to face? What I learnt was that there is no formula to ensuring that you will have the best year but there are somethings that you need to do:

  • Have fun! No matter you win or lose, make sure you enjoy the moment more than the destination/result.
  • Make new friends. Make lots of new friends.
  • Be open to adventures, new ideas and challenges.
  • Don’t give up! Try again and then try all over again.
  • Put yourself first but also don’t forget to care about those you love.
  • Be open to learning! That’s a must!

And trust me, you’re going to have a great school year!

Good luck ☺

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