Dowry — A burden or help? #RishtonMeinInnovation aaegi? 

Dowry/Jahaiz has often become a nightmare for parents in South East Asia, where it is a cultural norm. At the time of the wedding, bride’s parents are obliged to GIFT their daughter everything that a house needs, from appliances to furniture and even Gold jewelry. The custom of giving/accepting dowry is now so deep rooted that it is often hard to even take a stand against it, Incase you’re willing to. It is a complex issue as some call it helping the newly weds to start a new life together or giving parent’s blessings to their daughter in the form of things her house needs.

Dowry culture #RishtonMeinInnovation

It seems all fine and good if the bride’s parents are not being forced/pressurized to do so. I find giving things like beautiful clothes and handy appliances to your daughter is a beautiful gesture by parents but the problem arises when groom’s parents started asking for it.Dowry is definitely no security for a happy marriage but it has been turned into a feature that a marriage needs indispensably to happen. We need to end this thinking at least in our own capacity.

Is Dowry a help or is it a burden? The answer to this complex question is rather more complex. From social point of view one needs to encourage parents of boys to show some courage like the to-be-groom in Orient TV’s beautiful TVC did. Indeed a heroic act that hits our  TV screens for the first time and the message hits hard. Hopefully it is reaching the masses and exactly where it’s needed. Watch the end of this Orient TVC to know what I am talking about and being #RishtonMeinInnovation.

Such a beautiful way to deliver a bold message for the masses. I am so hoping that the next time a greedy groom’s parents ask for dowry, someone (if not the groom) step up &  have ethereal courage to say, “aap k Ghar ki cheezon k paisay hum kyun dain?” and then they all live happily ever after. Too much to ask for?

Since the Orient TVC launch, social media is all buzzing with the likes and Anti-dowry messages. It is a welcome change to see boys talking about this cultural evil too. There’s definitely hope that dowry’s evil is going to be beaten by the educated and socially aware new generation.

I might take stand for my daughter’s marriage too that I won’t be giving her the dowry our society seems appropriate as what best I can offer to her is to make her learn our values and providing her with good education. I hope that’s going to be enough for her happy married life. Ameen.

Say NO where you can & you should. Say No to Dowry and let the parents of girls live in the moment rather than spending their whole lives collecting things for their daughters and in laws tab hi tou aaegi #RishtonMeinInnovation.


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