Nivea cream – A tin for beautiful skin & makeup hack you need

Fortnight ago, I was rummaging through my skincare drawer looking for a bottle of witch hazel that I know I had bought and forgotten about. While pushing stuff away, I saw a blue tin laying at the back, almost hidden under a pack of cotton swabs. I had struck gold. It was the classic tin of Nivea cream that women have used all over the world for more than a century. Good news! The formula is still the same.

Nivea cream makeup hack skincare beauty

I recall my aunts and cousins using this forever. Their skin looks flawless to this date with minimal wrinkles -plump and healthy. So did Marilyn Monroe’s. She used the classic blue tin too. Kate Winslet and Princess Kate Middleton prefer Nivea skincare products over high end dodgy brands with questionable ingredients.
Let me just tell you how Nivea cream in the blue tin can change how your skin looks for the better.

Nivea cream, originally a German product by the company Beiersdorf  is what you want. It has the typical nostalgic fragrance, sealed in foil. Creamy, thick and rich in its consistency.  The famous patented ingredient is Eucerit that is added only in the safer German version of the cream. Germany is known to have the most ethical consumers policy in the world. Harmful chemicals and crude ingredients such as Mineral Oil (the acne king) is banned in the country. The American/Mexican version of the same cream packaged in plastic blue tub has a different formula devoid of Eucerit and replete with pore clogging mineral oil. Most cases have also reported excessive hair growth on body parts exposed to mineral oil over long periods of time. Johnson’s baby oil anyone? So basically what I am saying is ‘STAY AWAY FROM THE MEXICAN VERSION’. 


  • Best time to use it is at night. Slather it on before bed. It will look oily but will sink into the skin overnight and you will wake up with plump skin. The product will not mix in water. Make sure whatever part of the body you use it on is completely dry.
  • Nivea helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles over a period of time.
  • It acts as a filler for lips and plumps them up when used as a lip balm.
  • It heals dry cracked heals.
  • Nivea will reduce stretch marks with regular use.
  • Nivea is a rich eye cream.
  • It is a brilliant aftershave balm.
  • It reduces scars and pigmentation over time.
  • It is economical and effective.
  • Can be used as a primer (OMG, THIS IS THE BEST THING) for makeup because it has glycerin.
  • Nivea is a body cream. Use after shower for softer skin.
  • Can be used as a makeup remover in the old school way.
  • Remove marks/lines from patent leather products with this cream.
  • Set baby hairs on the forehead with Nivea.
  • Moisturize dry cuticles.
  • Immediately fixes itchiness on skin after shave or wax or due to dryness.

You will use no other moisturizing skincare product when you get the hang of this one. Both men and women should have this affordable product on their grooming shelves. People who have used the high end La Mer cream, call it a steeper version of the German Nivea cream with the difference of seaweed and mineral oil.

This product has benefitted me that is why I am sharing it with everyone else. Try using it in manners mentioned above. I have also seen this in vanity bags of a few supermodels and female actors.  They for a fact would never share this skincare secret with others.

P.S. Please do not EAT Nivea. 😀

Credits: This post has been written by the very charming Sommayia Malik. Remember Is dais k desi khanay on masala TV? Now you remember her 😊 I thank her for sharing this beauty wonder.

She tweets at @somiyyahmalik.

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