Congo Virus Precautions to know before EidulAzha 

EidulAzha is just around the corner and the news of Congo Virus in Pakistan is scaring everyone. Congo is a tick-borne disease and the human cattle interaction is one of the major causes of it; can’t be avoided because of sacrificial animals purchase and slaughter on Eid ul Azha. That’s why it is important to know the precautions against the spread of Congo Virus. 

Congo Virus Precautions First of all stay calm but aware of it. Sanitation is a MUST here while dealing with the animal before and after sacrifice. The disease can spread through organs lying on the streets with leaking blood too. Make sure you clean the surroundings and make proper dump of offals while keeping the meat covered for use. Remember, there’s no vaccine available and precaution is the only cure.

Agha Khan Hospital is having an awareness campaign about Congo Virus Alert with the release of informative fliers. Do read the instructions, follow them and stay safe while enjoying the meaty festivities of Eid ul Azha. 

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