Pizza Hut’s #BigDipper pizza is #CallForAll foodies


Pizza Hut is on a roll these days with new additions in their menu and product launches to compete with the sprouting of so many pizzerias in the city. 2016 is definitely the year of Pizza Hut Pakistan on foodscape as they’re not letting any chance of experimentation go.

Pizza Hut's #BigDipper pizza is #CallForAll foodies #BigDipper in all its glory.

#BigDipper is the launch of the season and Oh Gosh! how grand it is. Tbh when I first look at the promo pictures I thought yaar ye to wohi rectangle pizza ki wapisi hy. Naa! Not impressed despite the 24 slices offer. What caught the attention was 4 flavors of Dips that were part of the deal. Finally, Pizza Hut decided to have Dips with the pizza. Thank God for that. I love my pizza slathered with a creamy sauce and what was on offer is 4 flavors of goodness.  Yum. Can’t resist despite the fact…

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3 thoughts on “Pizza Hut’s #BigDipper pizza is #CallForAll foodies”

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment. Where are you based? Pizza Hut is just childhood crush because it was the only pizzeria then. Now, it is tough for them to compete with so many pizza chains. They’re doing good btw.


      1. I am based in UAE, we have so many other better options like papa johns, NKD pizza and many others but at times all you want is a fajita pizza from Pizza Hut which over here is so bad :/

        And yes the only thing which is associated with it is the childhood memories. Which obviously matter


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