#CoolWithKaymu – Cool &  cool baby products 

It is not hard to keep babies smelling so good, fresh and clean if you have some good baby products to help. There are lots of baby product brands in the market that you can choose from. Being mommy of two, I am an avid buyer of baby stuff. Tried almost every brand in the market and have my favorites. Been using Cool & cool wipes so long now and recently come across their baby products range. 

Here’s my cool & cool haul from kaymu this week that I got for my new born nephew and my daughters.

Cool & cool baby oil

Cool & cool Baby Oil:

The most essential baby product for a new born is baby oil. This one is surprisingly light in feel and smell. Almost non-greasy feel, has Almond oil base with chamomile extracts for extra care. Loved the lightness of it on baby’s skin. It is the only Almond oil based baby product that I’ve come across from local brands & so easily available to buy online via Kaymu. 

Cool & cool baby safe buds

Cool & cool baby safe buds:

These are unique I must say. Usually I’ve seen mommy’s using the normal buds with a very thin cotton layer for babies. I find them a bit irritating to use as they tend to get pointed often. Cool & cool buds are blobbed shape which makes it softer to use after bath for cleaning ears and belly button area safely. On the down side I find them quite big for new borns though. 

Pro-Tip: I use these buds for nose cleaning too. Dip one side in mustard oil and then clean nose with it. Wipe of extra oil with the other tip. 

Cool & cool baby mistCool & cool Baby mist:

This is a must have thing to make your babies smell heavenly. The bottle comes with a spray handle and cap for easy use and not so expensive either. Mists are definitely better than baby powders which can cause breathing issues & seldom contains carcinogenic ingredients. 

Ditch those baby powders forever, mommies. Baby mist is alcohol free and contains glycerin. It absorbs quickly, leaving behind a mild fragrance. 

Cool & cool baby wipes

Cool & cool baby wipes:

Last but not the least are my favorite baby wipes. They’re sweet smelling and comes in decent size. Perfect for wiping babies fresh in the go, specially while traveling. The wipes are of good quality material that doesn’t tear up easily and they’re alcohol free too. Only downside of this product is that it didn’t come in a container with lid to keep moisture intact till the last wipe. Repeatedly opening & taping the pack causes dryness in remaining wipes or often the liquid weeps out. They’re a must have while traveling though. 

By the way kaymu is offering a limited time 10% off on cool & cool. Time to stock up some baby essentials while the discount lasts. Do checkout cool & cool range on Kaymu as they’re affordable and will reach you in just couple of days. Click on above images to buy them from Kaymu & thank me later for sorting it for you😊

Have you used any of these products already? Do share your experience. 


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