#worldsno1gum Trident lands in Pakistan 

I’ve got to taste #worldsno1gum Trident courtesy Mondelēz Pakistan. The globally acclaimed gum brand, Trident is now officially available in Pakistan after being imported from Turkey and Egypt. The price point is pretty much according to the local market competition while packaging is easy to tear open and dispose off because of the paper base. No plastic wrappings is a yay. The watermelon flavor is much more exciting than the usual strawberry one, weirdly yet interestingly. 

#worldsno1gum Trident is juicy, fruity and sugar free. It has been launched in Rs. 5, single unit SKU and Rs. 25, a five piece pack SKU, and is available in four popular variants;

  • Spearmint,
  • Peppermint,
  • Strawberry, and
  • Watermelon. 

P.S – Watermelon flavor is the unique one & a must try.   

Trident is being imported by Mondelēz Pakistan Ltd. from Turkey and Egypt, and bears halal certifications of the highest halal certifying authorities of those countries.

Trident Pakistan Trident is a world’s first patented sugarless gum brand and is sold in more than 70 countries across the globe, under the various sibling brand names. Why so late here dude? Welcome to Pakistan anyway😊

Trident Gum
By far the cutest bouquet of chewing gums. Thank you APR & Mondelēz Pakistan. ( Now you know what to gift to some people without offending them for their bad breath)
The tagline, ‘refreshes the mouth and mind’ has been very aptly devised considering Trident’s functional attributes and its image that focus on breaking stereotypes and becoming the best version of yourself. Other than emerging as a fun and exciting personality who doesn’t like to have a refreshed mouth and mind? Trident has the traits of making all this happen.

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