#DreamsForTomorrow – Empowering creativity

Creativity in kids needs proper mediums and guidance to explore. It is extremely important to spot and nurture special talent of your kid. Being a mom of two hyperactive kids, I know what it takes to raise this super talented generation. Extremely exhausting but totally worth it. My eldest daughter has just started her school and currently exploring her writing and art skills on paper after the walls of our apartment served as canvas for her.

The best thing is that Horlicks Pakistan and WWF Pakistan has collaborated to come up with #DreamsForTomorrow campaign. This particular campaign aims to provide kids with necessary inspiration and art supplies to let them be creative. There’s a set of class wise stories specially written for kids to empower their creativity and encourage them to paint their imagination. Check their Facebook page for some fun art ideas.


I find the age appropriate Horlicks stories very well written and they’re printed with such great illustrations that kids are surely going to be inspired. Further encouragement to boost the creative skills of kids can be acquired through the Horlicks Pakistan’s Facebook posts. Empowering creativity with such easy tips like how to paint a butterfly and how to illustrate drawings with perfection.


My daughter Parishay was so excited to paint her first ever water color master piece inspired from the Horlicks story book number 1. It was a story about a field trip and she chose to paint a butterfly. She loves flowers and butterfly by the way. As she’s too young to paint herself, so I decided to help her with an idea.


I mixed four colors with water separately and told her to coat her palm with colors. She was amazed and kept asking me what next what next. After coating her hands with water colors, I helped her print an impression of her hands on the sketch book. This was her first ever water color master piece and I am so going to frame it.

We’ve tried vegetable art too and she enjoyed it a lot too.

If it wasn’t #DreamsForTomorrow I guess, I won’t be allowing my daughter to paint with water colors at such a young age. Thanks to the amazing dreams for tomorrow posts for empowering creativity within us.

Horlicks Pakistan Teams Visiting Schools for #DreamsForTomorrow Campaign



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