#DouNetworkAikAwaz TVC – Celebrating diversity of Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures, picturesque locations and beautiful languages. People of Pakistan are very warm and their hospitality is very well renowned. The warmth, smiles, mountains, plains, food, beautiful regional outfits & rich heritage makes us a proud nation. I remember watching PTV-(Pakistan’s state television)  tries to encapsulate the essence of every provincial tradition via their transmission. Today, in the age of globalization we’re moving far from our regional languages and seldom celebrate diversity. It is a welcome change to see such heartwarming visuals of Pakistani people belonging to various age groups greeting each other in a TVC. The happy faces across Pakistan made me smile. I felt the warmth. Did you?

It all happened because of a celebratory advertisement to mark Pakistan’s first telecom merger. Leading telecom company Mobilink has revamped itself as Jazz Pakistan and announced On-Net merger with Warid Pakistan. The users of both the networks are now a giant family of 50millions. That’s a huge number and definitely calls for a celebration in style. What better way to say it than a beautifully executed TVC that soon made to the trending list of Twitter. 

#DouNetworkAikAwaz TVC has been released to celebrate the milestone with a welcoming tale. The ad features beautiful landscape of Pakistan from desert to plains & mountains  alongwith heartwarming visuals of people of all ages. Red & Blue bokeh effect throughout the TVC marks the merger of Jazz (red) and Warid(blue) very subtly. To my surprise there’s no song in the ad. Definitely a welcome change. All you are going to hear in the TVC is an impressive voice over & our sweet regional languages. People of different regions welcoming each other with a warm hug and smiles. Extremely in love with welcome phrases like “Khush Amdaid”, “G aya noon”, “Pakhair Ra ghalay”, “Wash ahat” etc. We’re so diverse, so far, so near- yet one & united. 

Here’s how Pakistani social media users responded to the #DouNetworkAikAwaz. 

Hope this telecom merger will result in better connectivity across Pakistan with affordability. We can trust Jazz and the best part is they’re going to be 4G providers too. Expecting some cool things to roll out soon. 

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