What Dettol Pakistan’s Handwashing Guinness world record teaches us

On this global handwashing day,  Dettol Pakistan announced that they’ve successfully set a Guinness world record of handwashing with the most participants in a relay. The title was earlier claimed by 1400 participants in India while Pakistan broke the record with more than 1600 participants. 

This might sound a bit useless to many people that such records have no use & they question how unimportant it is to make such efforts. Well, if it is in Guinness it is important. Secondly if you go through the minor details of making such records on a huge scale; you’ll realize how important it is for the people who make it possible. Lastly handwashing is a habit that we need to teach well. 

8 steps of Handwashing
8 steps of Handwashing

When we say that 1600+kids participated to make the world record it means they have been taught how to wash their hands properly. Surprised? Well, you better be coz I was surprised to know how to wash your hands properly. Guinness world record follows a strict routine to certify and handwashing needs to be done in proper 8steps. Now imagine all those students were being taught the steps, they performed it for their cleanliness and will obviously remember in their lifetime that handwashing is a must. They will also pass on the info to their circle- making the message of hygiene  conveyed to a bigger audience. 

#DettolKaDhula hath definitely saves you from a lot of diseases & practicing healthy habits won’t harm anyone. So, keep going. Thank you Dettol Pakistan for making us proud of our kids. Guinness world record is a reminder that to make Pakistan clean & healthy there’s much needed to be done. Small steps like this will have a huge impact. 


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