Quaker Oats- A healthy and nutritious New Year Resolution

I am not a morning person & don’t live in a joint family, probably the reason behind me skipping breakfast & lunch altogether for brunch. Not a good habit though but it is what it is.

I am getting into morning routine since my kid started going to school. Hopefully I’ll be able to follow 3 meal routine by the time my second kid will be starting her school. I need to change my diet to more healthy eating habits after gall removal surgery few months back. Here’s to healthy & nutritious new year to you all too. 

So, when you gotta adopt healthy lifestyle around the world little help on the Internet will reveal thay all around the world breakfast is synonymous to Quaker Oats. Apparently no one knows better how to provide a nutritious yet deliciously good start to the day than Quaker. World renowned Quaker Oats finally decided to land in Pakistan to promote (much needed) healthy lifestyle. 

Why Oats? 

Oats are not a part of our regular diet as they’re tough too cook(unprocessed ones takes hour to cook) but they’re the nutrition powerhouse; 

  • a rich source of dietary fiber, 
  • a good source of plant-based protein and
  • Also helps to reduce cholesterol in your body. 

The best part about Quaker Oats is that along with health benefits it doesn’t compromise on taste. So you don’t have to eat some boring daliya to stay fit. Wanna know more about how to eat Quaker Oats in yummy ways? Keep reading. 

#OatSomeBrunch event:

Quaker Pakistan hosted #OatSomeBrunch at Cosa Nostra, Lahore & Cafe Flo, Karachi to let people experience the versatile taste of Oats. The event included a buffet of scrumptious breakfast and brunch foods exclusively made from oats! 

Chef Mehboob’s Oat Recipes:

The best Pakistani fusion food expert, Chef Mehboob Khan showcased following five-star recipes during #OatSomeBrunch events featuring oh-so-yum Quaker Oats: 

  1. Oatfully good omelette,
  2. Oat Quesadillas and 
  3. Oat crumbed fish
  4. Oat cookies 

Do try them & let me know how was your experience. BTW I spotted loads n loads of Quaker Oats jars today at Imtiaz store. Go grab one as soon as you can. 

Follow Quaker Pakistan on Facebook & Twitter to stay updated on more healthy recipes & fun contests (I just participated) in the near future. Start your new year with a nutrition packed bang. Have #OatSomeBrunch. 


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