#15YearsToCallFans – Call Band celebrates with #TeriHaarHum video

Pop music in Pakistan is 90’s gift that we cherish the most. Our very own music channel charts helped most of the budding musicians to shape their careers. It feels so good to see them growing & performing till date. I wonder if Call & strings are the only bands to survive for decades? Maybe. 

According to twitter trends past week, our very own “Call Band” is celebrating their 15 years of success(after their reunion in 2001 else they actually started in 1994) with a song #TeriHaarHum. The video is dedicated to Call fans who were there for the band through thick n thin. No less than a feat for a rock band in Pakistan to be able to survive for more than a decade. From Nishaan to Pukaar, laree chottee then the iconic McDonalds jingle, Walls ad & now Teri Haar Hum, Call has been entertaining us for long. 

Call is now Junaid Khan, Zulfiqar J. Khan aka Xulfi & Sultan Raja. Zulfiqar J. Khan has been very active with EP & NESCAFÉ Basement recently. He has some awe inspiring achievements other than the band too. Loved his All girl band project & good to see him not ditching Call band. Junaid Khan is all over TV these days as his looks made him an actor we all love. His voice is just so good. Hopefully they will come up with more songs this year & keep rocking for many decades to come. 

Congratulations Call & the video got over a million views in few days. Hoping to see more from you guys. 


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