#HealItOnTheGo – A memorable Spa Eve with Vaseline 

Since the birth of my kids I find it really time consuming to visit a spa & to be very frank I do miss going for a pampering session often. With new responsibilities you have to readjust lifestyle and priorities change. Motherhood is so demanding yet I try to take care of myself as much as possible.

One fine day I received a gorgeous invite from Vaseline Pakistan for a pampering session at Blush Salon & spa with my favorite bloggers who’ve actually became friends over the period of time. I decided not to miss the relaxing day out & I am so glad that I made it to the event.  

The winter care package was just gorgeous. Felt already so pampered by just seeing at the hamper. Imagine how beautiful the event is going to be. Vaseline Pakistan hosted the Spa Eve at Blush Salon & Spa located at Shahbaz commercial, DHA, Karachi. It was a Cinderella kinda evening where Vaseline became fairy God mother for us all. From that pumpkin cart to cinderella shoes, everything felt like a royalty. 

A chauffeur driven car picked me up from home. Was Greeted by a beautiful blue bouquet that smells so dreamy. A note in the car says, ” sit back, relax, hydrate yourself & listen to some music”. That was so spoiling. The hour long journey to the spa was easy breasy. 

Blush Salon is housed in a multi storey building which is quite spacious, beautifully decorated & luxurious. We went to the first floor for manicure & Pedicure treatment along with some really cool hosts. Vaseline Pakistan girls were so sporting & engaged us in some fun healthy skin trivia games. There were prizes too which I managed to win too. So Yaaay again. It was a great day. 

One important thing about dry skin care that I learnt was that the more you expose your skin to water the more it get gets prone to dryness. That’s why you need to moisturize your skin every time you take bath or wash your hands even. Vaseline lotions have been formulated with micro droplets of petroleum jelly to #HealItOnTheGo without making your skin feel oily at all. 

I have been using Vaseline healthy white (pink bottle variant) at home while my husband likes to use the Aloe one(green Vaseline). The Vaseline girls told me that Vaseline Cocoa glow is specially formulated for winter weather and it is better to use it in winters while pink one can be used throughout the year.

Meanwhile, we were being pampered by a Cocoa glow Mani & Pedicure. The staff was very efficient & know their jobs.

Loved the ambiance of the spa too. Dim lights & relaxing services made me feel so comfortable. Not to forget the delicious spread by the Patio. So yum. The day couldn’t get any better than this. 

Been using the Cocoa glow Vaseline since then & my skin felt so much better despite the dry weather. The smell is amazing too. I have a new moisturizing favorite which can actually #HealItOnTheGo. 

Thank you Vaseline Pakistan & TBC team for such a beautiful evening. Loved every bit of it. Follow Vaseline Pakistan on Facebook for some useful skincare tips & fun giveaways. 


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