#RealMilkMatters – Dayfresh ensures safe and pure milk supply 

​I have seen a lot of transformation in terms of lifestyle in my lifetime so far. From our communication mediums to food habits, almost everything has undergone a drastic change over small period of time. Gone are the days when tetra pack milk was considered a luxury & we use to buy it for our long train journeys only(k kharab nahi hoga na ubalna parrega). Gwalas were ruling the market & milk pricing then. With the passage of time & awareness regarding hygienic & safe tetra packaging with increased shelf life made people switch from traditional milk suppliers to tetra pack milk.

It has been more than a decade since we are using tetra pack milk because of not being contaminated as loose milk can be(we all know how fresh milk has been handled & supplied. Such milawatt much wow). The best part is you don’t have to boil it or worry about milk turning sour(before opening the pack*). So it is a win win situation for housewives like me. 

*Milk when UHT treated & packed in 7 layered tetra packaging can last for few months but as soon as you open the pack it can get sour (within hours in summers & a day maybe in winters) which clearly indicates that Tetra packs don’t use additives for longevity of milk like Gwalas do. Yes!!, milkman use to put chemicals like formalen to keep milk safe while handling. There are other tricks too but definitely not followed during Tetra packaging process. The sole reason that one should rely on Tetra pack milk. 

Now comes the most difficult part, choosing the tetra pack milk brand. There are several brands available out there – providing pasteurized & UHT treated milk. People often go with the brand’s advertisements or availability but I believe one should know what they’re buying is healthy or not. 

Recently when there was news that many Tetra pack brands have been found guilty of providing contaminated product, I decided to know what actually am I drinking? The matter is still subjudice and authenticity of the allegation has been questioned too. Leaving that to the court, let me tell you why Dayfresh’s claim of live real is actually trustworthy.

Own Farm of Australian Cows

Dayfresh milk comes from dairyland farms which is home to more than 3000 Australian cows(the most expensive breed in the world).Some of my friends have visited the farm & you can see it too in the Dayfresh TVC. Dayfresh milk is a single source product which is traceable through RFIDs & strict quality control. 

Fully automated Milking facility 

No human interaction with milk during milking cows or milk packaging happens at Dayfresh farms & plant. It is a journey from grass to glass literally when milk sees the sunlight for the first time when we open the pack of Dayfresh milk. Isn’t this amazing? Like a guarantee of purity that the product is as real as it can get without any additives or cream extractions. That’s why the tag line live real sounds real. 

ISO 2200 certification 

Another reason to believe in the product is maintaining the highest standards to get ISO certification. This certification definitely builds consumer trust over the brand. 

Qarshi, PCSIR & SGC Quality Assurance 

Dayfresh has got quality control tests from renowned labs of Karachi & Lahore. SGC & Qarshi labs have found that the Dayfresh milk contains essential minerals within the range of international standards. Essential nutrients like Iron, zinc, calcium etc are present in Dayfresh milk with all its purity. 

As reported by Brandsynario & media sources, “National Assembly on Monday was informed that The Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) had been conducting tests on Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and pasteurized milk brands and has now concluded that out of the 16 brands tested only a mere 6 have been deemed fit for human consumption”. Dayfresh is intended in that list because it is packed with no added preservatives.

PS: In Pakistan we consume milk that comes from various sources, mostly buffaloes but Dayfresh is the only brand providing cow’s milk with all its goodness, that too with a resealable cap even in 250gms packaging. 

You gotta try their chocolate milk. I bet you’ll fall in love with the taste of it. Full marks for Doodh with attitude tag line & witty packaging. 


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