#OliviaShukria – Must have Olivia Products

Growing up in the 90’s with minimal locally available beauty brands, Olivia has been there in my memories. Mom didn’t use makeup at all except that natural lipstick (remember the orange/green one that turns pink?), a talcum powder and a cleansing milk by Olivia. That’s all that I’ve seen in mom’s closet. Later on I’ve been introduced to Olivia blusher stick and oh Gosh!! how I miss that miracle of a blusher stick. 

Last month came across a New year greetings video on Facebook by Olivia & I was surprised. Such a nostalgic trip down memory lane it was to see such an old brand stepping into digital sphere in style. Then came their new lotions range ad with such fun Vibes. Loved the fun packaging & variants of it. 

Olivia Products are Halal & ISO Certified too. Here’s my two favorite & highly recommended Olivia products. 

Olivia Kajal 

If you’re a kajal person, you must be been through the struggle to find the best one. I find Olivia kajal among one of the best options. 

Why Olivia kajal? 

  • Smudge free 
  • No irritation after application 
  • Blackest of the black color
  • Easy application 
  • No sharpener needed
  • Very economical (Just Rs50) 

    Packaging is not bad for the pricing & the bullet shape of the kajal makes it stand out among all those kajal pencils that you need to sharpen often. The product is the best in its category. 

    Olivia lotion Coco butter yum

    Lotions are a new  edition in Olivia’s line of products. Very trendy & cute little packaging with a quality product inside. This one will make your skin smell like chocolate-caramel ice cream & you might end up craving for some lol. It is a handbag essential these days for me as I have to go out with kids often & after every handwash I need something to moisturize my skin on the go. This chocolatey goodness is easy to carry along. 

    I hope I get my hands on Olivia blusher stick too which I was obsessed with during my college days. Looking forward to some great Halal products addition in Olivia’s range as they’re the most affordable Pakistani brand in market. 

    Have you ever tried Olivia products? Which one’s your favorite? 


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