Hashmanis can make your life Chashma Free

Chashma – An accessory that you have to sport if you’re suffering from refractive errors like short & longsightedness. Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with shortsightedness a pair of glasses reside on my nose permanently. There’s no turning back whether you like a chashma or not, you have to flaunt it. Be called by your peers as chishmish or nerd, chashmulli or whatever. Chashma has to be there with you. Sometimes I really wonder how many glasses I’ve broken so far? For the past 15 years of my chashma life, there’s an average of 6-8 pair of glasses per year. Since birth of my kids the number of broken glasses has exponentially increased, like seriously. Now imagine the cost of maintaining a chashma in your life.

Sometimes I really wonder how to get rid of this thing. Like can u ever live a chashma free life? Luckily I found the answer to be Yes & maybe. Confused? Let me explain it to you. Hashmanis in Pakistan are the only one to offer the most advanced laser guided eye surgeries like Femto(Blade less) or Lasik and they’re the most recommended hospital if you ask anyone around for eye care treatment suggestions. Hashmanis Topo-guided LASIK surgery is the most trusted one as the hospital has performed it considerable number of times. The procedure needs extremely efficient advanced equipment and technical expertise of surgeons and Hashmanis really ace in it (50K Lasik surgeries is a huge number). Clearly the best in ophthalmology in Pakistan are The Hashmanis.img-20170218-wa0025.jpg

Luckily, I was part of a bunch of people being invited by Dr. Sharif Hashmani to demonstrate the most advanced refractive error surgery called Topo-guided Lasik surgery. The procedure is the most advanced eye surgery that only Hashmanis are offering in Pakistan and guarantees to make your life CHASHMA FREE. You only need to go through certain tests like topography before the procedure to know if your cornea qualifies for the surgery or not. 30% population won’t be able to go through the procedure for various medical reasons.


Keep in mind that Topo Guided Lasik surgery is a cosmetic procedure and not everybody needs it but it definitely is an option to live life Chashma Free, if you’re like me who is fed up of buying new glasses every month or so. So, yeah why not?

Live Topo Guided Lasik surgery at Hashmanis Hospital

First, I was kinda excited to see the procedure. Then I got a bit scared and watched it on screen instead of going inside the theater and then I got so mesmerized by the skill of the Dr. Hashmani that the procedure was being done with such precision. It took only 3-6 minutes to finish the surgery and you’re good to go home (certain precautions though).

Isn’t it amazing? How fascinating is the idea of having a clear vision again after all those Chashma years. Can’t wait to get myself under the knife and live a Chashma free life.


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