Jab we met RJ turned Chef Kahlid Malik to #MakeMorningsGreatAgain 

It was an afternoon to remember at Mews Cafe somedays ago when nation’s favorite RJ Khalid Malik turned Chef for a day. It was the day when FM91 announced that Khalid Malik will be back on airwaves to #MakeMorningsGreatAgain and we all got so excited. The day was filled with fun, good vibes and great food. 

Khalid decided to entertain us all by sharing his secrets how to #MakeMorningsGreatAgain. There were two things (according to khalid) absolutely necessary for a great morning, his bullet proof coffee to keep him charged all day long and a healthy breakfast. He then actually made bullet proof coffee for us all at Mews Cafe and it was mind blowing. His morning energy secrets were just out and we can’t stop loving him. 

After his Bullet proof coffee recipe, he then told us that the next important thing in his breakfast has to be an omelette. With his witty style he presented his style of omelette and named it “newly wed omelette” as if he was the new bahu cooking for the first time in the kitchen of in laws. We were all smiling and tasting his food and u must say he did make our morning great that day. 

Serving #bulletproofcoffee. #KhalidMalikBoom

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Sometimes it is just someone’s presence that can make you and atmosphere happy, Khalid malik has that vibe. He’s so energetic and happy person that you feel good while being in his company or just listening to him. His new show “Khalid Malik Morning Jam” is on air every weekday on FM91 from 7 to 10am. Such a great way to kick start your day with some positive Vibes. 

All the best to Khalid and thank you for coming back to radio as you’ve become a habit for listeners over the past decade. Stay happy and keep us entertained. 

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