JS Bank Honors Sarfraz with BMW for winning Champions Trophy 2017

Cricket is in our blood, sweat and tears. The association of fans with the game is unreal and if it involves encounter between arch rivals like Pakistan and India, then adrenaline rush is on another level.

Pakistan Cricket Team has made hsitory last Sunday while playing against India in the Champions Trophy 2017 Final for the first time ever. We were the underdogs of the tournament yet managed to thrash favorite teams like England in knockouts all beacuse of the Fierce Captain, Sarfraz Ahmed. He was leading a young and inexperienced side but after losing first match to India, he learned from his mistakes and became leader of the unstoppables.

Pakistan team won the Champions Trophy under Sarfraz’s captaincy and made history by winning any ICC title for the first time while playing against India. The celebrations were unreal. After 90’s it was the first time that street celebrations were so glamorous be it in the cities of Pakistan or UK, USA etc. Such heart warming scenes that I am going to remember forever. Sarfraz was greeted by flood of people when he reached back home with trophy. Glorious celebrations.

To make all this more celebratory, players have been rewarded by Government and brands. The show has been stolen by JS Bank though. The deputy CEO JS Bank honored Sarfraz Ahmed witha brand new BMWX1 on the sets of Geo TV’s show ” Geo Khelo Panistan”. It was a huge victory and what amazing way to celebrate it with a generous gift. The act reminds me of good old Sharjah encounters when players were showered with gold crowns and cash after thrashing India.

Sarfraz looked extremely overwhelmed with all the love and appreciation that comes after the win. Sports can bring us all close and closer and such gestures like JS Bank’s will definitely encourage you g cricketers to perform even better. Thank you JS Bank for stepping up and honoring Sarfraz in style.

You the hero, Sarfraz. May the force be with you.


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