How to get New Currency Notes for Eid 2018 from Banks in Karachi

Eid means Eidi and there’s nothing attractive about Eid than the smell of fresh and crisp currency notes. Ahh!!! That’s almost an addictive charm one can associate with Eid since childhood, maybe more than the joy of having Sheer khurma or wearing new dresses. It has become a tradition to give Eidi in the form of New Currency Notes (probably coz we all know how badly we handle currency notes with all these stains and writings) and that’s why State Bank of Pakistan issues new currency notes in exchange of the old ones every Ramazan.

With the onset of digital age, the process to get new karrak notes has become transparent and easier for everyone. There’s a limit per CNIC to get your cash exchanged and here I am listing down steps how and when you’ll be able to get your share of Eidi Currency from banks in Karachi (For other cities please visit SBP website as this facility is provided for 132 cities and 1535 branches).

How to get New Currency Notes for Eid:

  • SMS CNIC number with your selected nearest bank branch code to 8877*.
  • You’ll receive a transaction ID & branch address in return.
  • Go to that branch, show your ID and CNIC to get currency notes exchanged.

*Charges of sending an SMS to 8877 are Rs. 1.5 (plus tax).

When to get New Currency Notes:

The currency notes will be issued from 1st June to 14th June.

How many New Currency Notes One can get Exchanged:

Per CNIC SBP is allowing Maximum exchange of Rs,18000 in following format;

  • 3 packets of Rs 10
  • 1 packet of Rs 50
  • 1 packet of Rs 100

PS: Itni Eidi kon bant’ta hai? Meray rishtedar kyun nahi😭😭

How to get Bank Branch Code:

Download the Branch Code list for Karachi city here.

This is a great service and as a responsible citizen we should be using it for our ease. Don’t BLACK Fresh currency notes for some profit and don’t be kanjoos while giving Eidi. Respect your hard earned money and let those notes roam around stain free.


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