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How to get New Currency Notes for Eid 2018 from Banks in Karachi

Eid means Eidi and there’s nothing attractive about Eid than the smell of fresh and crisp currency notes. Ahh!!! That’s almost an addictive charm one can associate with Eid since childhood, maybe more than the joy of having Sheer khurma or wearing new dresses. It has become a tradition to give Eidi in the form of New Currency Notes (probably coz we all know how badly we handle currency notes with all these stains and writings) and that’s why State Bank of Pakistan issues new currency notes in exchange of the old ones every Ramazan.

With the onset of digital age, the process to get new karrak notes has become transparent and easier for everyone. There’s a limit per CNIC to get your cash exchanged and here I am listing down steps how and when you’ll be able to get your share of Eidi Currency from banks in Karachi (For other cities please visit SBP website as this facility is provided for 132 cities and 1535 branches).

How to get New Currency Notes for Eid:

  • SMS CNIC number with your selected nearest bank branch code to 8877*.
  • You’ll receive a transaction ID & branch address in return.
  • Go to that branch, show your ID and CNIC to get currency notes exchanged.

*Charges of sending an SMS to 8877 are Rs. 1.5 (plus tax).

When to get New Currency Notes:

The currency notes will be issued from 1st June to 14th June.

How many New Currency Notes One can get Exchanged:

Per CNIC SBP is allowing Maximum exchange of Rs,18000 in following format;

  • 3 packets of Rs 10
  • 1 packet of Rs 50
  • 1 packet of Rs 100

PS: Itni Eidi kon bant’ta hai? Meray rishtedar kyun nahi😭😭

How to get Bank Branch Code:

Download the Branch Code list for Karachi city here.

This is a great service and as a responsible citizen we should be using it for our ease. Don’t BLACK Fresh currency notes for some profit and don’t be kanjoos while giving Eidi. Respect your hard earned money and let those notes roam around stain free.


SastaTicket for train bookings online in Pakistan

Usually, when you think about booking a train ticket the first image that comes into your mind is the long-winded queue, the hustle to get to the ticketing counter, the slow booking procedure and worst of all, the frustrating news of non-availability of seats when you finally make your way to the ticketing clerk.

These hassles are now a thing of the past with the launch of online train booking services by With a clear user-friendly interface, timing, fare and station information, price comparisons, multiple payment options and instant bookings, now makes train bookings much more convenient & flexible for Pakistanis. Customers can now easily search, compare and book train tickets for destinations across Pakistan in just a few clicks. With these developments, it is safe to say that planning a railway trip will never be the same again.

Talking about this brand new addition to Pakistan’s biggest online travel portal, CEO Shazil Mehkri said:

“’s aim is to provide a complete travel solution to Pakistanis. Keeping in line with this aim we have launched our Trains module to make the entire train ticket booking process simple & the user’s journey more enjoyable. This update opens up exciting new opportunities and enables us to reach out to a much larger segment of Pakistani travelers. Our team has always been at the forefront of launching the most exciting travel solutions backed by cutting technology.”

Based in Karachi, Pakistan, is a one-stop shop for all travel related services. A leading consolidator of travel products, is already providing reservation facilities for domestic and international flights, domestic and international hotels, holiday packages and with the addition of train booking feature it has further empowered the Pakistani traveler with instant bookings and comprehensive choices.

Editor’s note: We have tried to book train tickets online via and found it extremely convenient and even faster than Pakistan Railway’s own booking service. Look at the pictorial guide how to book train tickets online that too with Sastaticket.

#ReelOnHai – Beautifying Karachi through art and Recycling 

There is nothing better than to giving back to the community and what better way than through art. Karachi needs a lot of effort to beautify every nook and corner of it being the biggest metropolis. It is a pleasure to see brands stepping up for the cause and executing campaigns like #ReelOnHai in a really beautiful way. It was a mix of Re-cycle, re-use and artwork. The end result was so eye catching that you can’t stop looking at it.

Last year in July, Pakistan Cables and Karachi Biennale Trust signed an MoU to collaborate on a public outreach project, Reel on Hai. Through “Reel on Hai” project, the Public Outreach Committee of the Karachi Biennale Trust invited artists, designers and architects to transform and recycle giant empty cable reels (provided by Pakistan Cables) into pieces of art. For the project Pakistan Cables provided 100 reels and now these reels have been installed at over 35 locations across Karachi including KU, IBA, KPT, churches, schools etc. 

It was a beautiful sight all over Karachi when artists have worked on site to engage the local community through this project. Each unique work engages the community and people were able to realize how important art and Recycling is. 

Pakistan Cables summed up the journey of Reel On Hai project in a coffee table book titled, “A reel on Karachi”  and it was launched on 13th December in Karachi. If you’re an art enthusiast or love Karachi, you should have a look at it. A free e-book version of “A Reel on Karachi” is available at Download the book and see for yourself how our artists have worked tirelessly to give Karachi some beautiful looking installations. It is our duty now to take care of this and don’t let the reels fade with time.

I would love to have one of these gorgeous looking art pieces turned upside down to be used as a coffee table or garden decor. What say?

Thanks to Pakistan cable, KBT and all the hard working artists for contributing towards a better looking Karachi. No need to dump empty reels now. Beautify them to beautify Karachi. 

#MeriShaanMeraPakistan – Beautifying Karachi with thematic Wall Art 

Karachi, being the biggest metropolis deserves much more than it has got from the citizens and government on so many levels. Be it cleanliness of the city or beautification drives, we all need to take the ownership and work to make this city a better place. It is always good to see people working towards causes that make their cities proud. One such drive is happening for the past couple of years by EFU Life insurance and I am Karachi. 

#MeriShaanMeraPakistan drive is all about getting rid of those Bengali baba ads from Karachi walls. The city don’t deserve such ugly graffiti and wall chalking all over it. In order to pay an artistic tribute to our dear homeland EFU Life initiated “Meri Shaan, Mera Pakistan” project In 2016. Under the guidance of Commissioner Karachi, Mr.Ejaz Ahmed Khan and his esteemed team of the project of beautifying Pakistan through thematic wall art commenced and produced such beautiful results that they’re continuing it this year to celebrate Pakistan’s 70th Independence day on a bigger scale. 

Last year #MeriShaanMeraPakistan project has covered Ayesha Manzil and NCC walls. A 2000 sq.ft wall at Ayesha Manzil and a 3000 sq.ft wall of NCC Sports Complex has been painted with thematic Wall Art depicting our culture and love for our dear homeland. EFU Life has now extended this project to a third location, the Aga Khan Park, Garden, opposite Ismaili JamaatKhana covering a space of over 7000 sq. ft. This year the Independence Day celebrations are even bigger and with Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan artwork Karachi can proudly be part of the celebrations with pride. EFU Life had a contest for artists too in which they’ve asked to submit artworks. The winning artwork is going to be featured on Agha Khan Park wall. Look at all the fabulous artwork that has been painted so far. 

Hats off to the talented artists who are making efforts to paint such beautiful artwork capturing the essence of Pakistan. From food identities like Anday wala burger to our train stations and the lost tradition of travelling in Tongas, #MeriShaanMeraPakistan themed art walls are a treat to watch. I can’t wait to visit the Agha Khan park and have a look at it myself closely. Definitely going there with my kids. It is like an exhibition and a walk through the history via art. 

Hope we all treat this effort of EFU life with care and also take care of this art in coming years by preserving it and further working to make Karachi even cleaner. 

Pakistan Zindabad. 

Best Iftaar Deals to have in Dolmen Mall 

Dolmen mall is like a dream shopping place in Karachi because of all the amenities and the hospitality it has to offer with discounts and deals. During Ramazan it is a blessing to have a food court to break your fast after hectic shopping spree. The best part about the DMC food court is being kid friendly with well placed seating. 

Dolmen Mall’s Food court has variety of options. You gotta choose from 32 cuisines available and that’s kidna amazing. I always got confused what to order and what not to. It is better to always keep in mind what you are going to order before landing there. Dolmen’s Facebook page helps a lot to decide before hand.

For Iftaar deals this year, the choice is unlimited. From casual food court to sophisticated Cafe dining, Dolmen has it all for everyone. Here are my picks from the best iftaar deals available this year.

KFC and chachajee iftaar Dolmen mall

Chachajee Iftaar

Chachajee offers desi menu and for iftar their thaali is just too good. It is like a mini iftaar cum dinner thaali. All in one kinda spread that too just for Rs 699. You can easily share the platter with a friend which makes it affordable iftar deal. 

If your appetite is like me, you can easily gulp down this thali alone. Yes! I can have it all. 

KFC Iftaar

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? It is my escape from ususal pakorra iftaar during Ramazan. I rrecommend KFC iftaar if you’re going tondolmem with siblings or family as their iftaar deals is great to share with 4 people.

Dunkin Donut

When it comes for best value for money iftaar deals, DD is my favorite. A classic DD meal for Just Rs 500 is the best iftaar deal in town. O’ So yum Omwich, pizza, donut and drink makes Dunkin Donut Iftaar a winner. 

Dolmen Mall Restaurant/Cafe Iftaar

Cafes are a welcome change from casual dining experience at Food court. Cafe Zouk to Gloria jeans and upscale bufffet of Hakka chine, Dolmen has some cool options. If you’re into Pakistani fine dinning then Zouk is the place to go and if you’re a fan of Chinese and Pan Asian cuisine then definitely Hakka Chine Buffet is worth every penny. Lals ki iftaar is always a pleasant experience too.

Gunsmoke Iftaar 

If you’re still confused what to eat or how to have a filling meal at Dolmen for less, then my bet is on Gunsmoke. Go there, order their soup and salad combo and enjoy all you can fill salad and soup lol. I loved Gunsmoke for this offer but during you’ll get it free with every meal. Fruit bar is also added for free in iftaar. So it is a good deal if you’re in mood of burgers and steak.

Special mention for Your Sweet Tooth

After all the iftaar deals sharing there’s one thing that you don’t want to share at all. This chocolate shake from Cosmopolitan is surely a must have. Oh and just in case you don’t know Cosmopolitan and Tiramisu recently opened up at DMC. 

Magnum and Cinnabon are also for 10% off. So it is a happy iftaar for sweet lovers. 

Have an idea about all the awesome Iftaar deals available at Dolmen Mall this year from this album and pick your favorite. 

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