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Dolmen Mall- The perfect place for babies and mommies day out

I ❤️ Dolmen and there’s no doubt Dolmen loves me equally. Proof? Lots and lots of things are there at DMC which makes it an ideal day out place for mommies with toddlers/kids. I have two hyperactive daughter MaShaAllah and it becomes very tough to shop with both of them Dolmen Mall Clifton has become an exceptional place. From women only parking lot to nappy changing areas and the best kids area makes DMC my favorite place to hang out with friends and family. 

Let me list down some of the women and kids friendly facilities that Athens amazingly accommodating Dolmen Mall has to offer. Thank God they think like moms and have some great mommy friendly attractions to make shopping with kids a memorable experience. 

Women Only Parking

The service was introduced last year and now expanding area in the parking lot is what women needs the most. Our very own parking space that too near the entrance gate is the perfect welcome you need. 

Kids carts

This is the best thing. You enter the mall and on your left see some bright colored cars/carts parked for pickup. My kids just love riding these and imitate like a driver while sitting in there. It also makes hanging your shopping bags easier instead of carrying that weight all the time. So a thumbs up. 

Pro Tip: if you’re going with two kids and get the double cart, it might become difficult to push that if your babies are MaShaAllah se healthy. If you know what I mean. Also, the cart wheels don’t stuck in the elevator like shopping trolley which makes it difficult to hold with kids riding. Better to take single car. 

Nursing room with Nappy changing area

This is the best facility out there. No other place has a dedicated nursing and diaper changing area that too so we’ll decorated that you fell in love with it. Women washroom area is a neat clean wide space with a dedicated Nursing room. Decorated with pink wallpaper, a comfy seating place to feed babies and a nappy changing tray make sit ideal for mommies with toddlers to rest and recharge. 

There’s a prayer area there too which is wall to wall carpeted and very neat. Washrooms were pretty well taken care of too. 


 the top floor you’ll find the best place to get your kids busy. Whenever I go to DMC, husband use to take the kids inside Sindbad while I go to shop for myself and then he goes to shop for groceries while I take care of kids there. Perfect plan. Now that Sindbad has celebrated its 26th year and built a new playing area and a hiking wall, you di t need to worry about kids at all. 

My kids were in love with the ball pit and the trampoline inside kids play area. They charge per hour for the place and it is pretty awesome. Totally worth it. 

The Food court

And last but not the least is definitely the awesome food court, catering to the needs of kids as well as mommy’s favorite food after all that shopping and playing. Loved the variety of food from fast food, Chinese to Desi. You name it and DMC has it. 

You the Best for Mommies DMC. You the best. 

What else a mommy need? Other than a peaceful shopping spree with the ease of getting so many kids attractions. Thank you Dolmen for the taking care of us, mommies that well. You’re the best. 

So, when are you hanging out with kids at DMC? 


Prince Biscuits Celebrates Summer Vacations with Kids at Karachi Kids Festival  

Prince Biscuits, a leading sandwich biscuit brand of Continental Biscuits Ltd., sponsored the Karachi Kids festival held at Frere Hall Karachi, this weekend. The two day kids’ festival was a complete family gala with a variety of stalls and recreational activities for children.

Despite the scorching summer heat, a large number of families were seen at the event enjoying the festivities.  Activities included but were not limited to horse riding, water games, jumping castles, photo booths, a monkey show,  jugglers, mascots, live music, a haunted house, live bird photography, an acrobatic show and train rides. For those wanting to take a break, multiple food stalls were also set up offering a variety of delicious snacks and beverages.










Prominent personalities of the society were also seen at the event, famous pop star Faakhir visited the festival along with his family as well as renowned politician Sharmila Farooqi was also seen at the festival and appreciated the initiative for the citizens of the metropolitan.

Speaking at the initiative, Brand Manager Prince Biscuits, Mohammad Tallal said: “We are proud to be part of such a festival. Prince has always supported activities which bring joy to kids and their families. Being a leading kids biscuit brand in the confectionery industry of Pakistan we want to make sure that we acknowledge our target audience and thank them for their love for the brand.” He further added “As the summer vacations have just started we wanted to offer the children an opportunity to celebrate the holidays with their favorite brand.”

With the success of the Karachi Kids Festival, Prince Biscuits is determined to continue supporting such initiatives to provide a healthy environment for kids.

Plan a trip to Northern areas of Pakistan

If you’re planning a trip to Northern areas of Pakistan for the first time and you’re living in Karachi, I can relate what you are going through. Tourism from this part of the country to that part of the country is not only a labor of love but of time and money too.

Pakwheels forum experts puts it like that often,

“Karachi walay planning buhat kartay hain trips ki lol”

Unfortunately they have to because of the distance and time it takes to reach North unlike tourists of Lahore or Islamabad. While I believe in as-it-happen tours yet its good to have some info before leaving Karachi.

For the sake of the soul of a tourist in me, I’ve been to Northern areas few times on a tight budget and schedule. Recently with a kid too. I’ll try to point some things that might help you plan your trip.

Malka parbat
Mesmerising view at lake Saif ul Malook.

Internet is handy

Isn’t it always? You must know the best time and weather to visit the place you’re going to. Like if its Murree and you want to experience snowfall you better be going in January-February But if its Naran then you can go in May-June to experience all chilled n snowy mountains( though there will be no snowfall at that time)

Google maps are there to guide you but don’t believe it to calculate distance or expected travel time up North. Not worth it. Take guidance from Pakwheels trip gurus or forums.

Less is more

You need to have an idea of weather forecast of the place to help you pack appropriate clothing but keep it simple and hassle free. Obviously you don’t want to waste time ironing and managing dirty laundry. Pack some wrinkle free stuff or fabric that looks good without ironing. Have few tops/shirts that can go with same bottoms/jeans. Just keep it simple.

Make memories

Gadgets like camera, smartphones and (latest obsession worldwide) selfie stick are convenient to record some memories of your trip. Pack them carefully and separately for quick access. Power banks comes handy. Do not use internet while you’re on vacations. Please DON’T. Enjoy your journey but for the sake of social media and memories, save some shots and upload after the trip.

Don’t panic

Bargain is our motto. On spot hotel bookings are highly recommended but if you want hassle free trip then you can either pre-book hotels via Jovago or contact any tour operating company. There are many available online and doing great for tourism.

Spend wisely

Advance bookings of Business class cabins of any train is recommended for budget travel. You can also save on food by ordering discount deals through food delivery services like Foodpanda (only when in big cities like Lahore or Islamabad though) or not being choosy and dining at dhabba like places. Order daal fry and parathay ❤

The point is to enjoy the moment and celebrate scenic beauty of Pakistan. Save at least a month’s salary every year and go to a place you’ve never been before. It will enrich your soul with experiences and memories.

Bon Voyage!!

Peek Freans RIO Carnival was all about edutainment

Peek Freans RIO, Pakistan’s leading cream biscuit brand organized a fun carnival for children at sindbad amusement park (Thanks for letting me know there’s a s indbad in DHA too lol). The fun carnival promotes learning with entertainment among children. Held as a celebration for the winners of a recent competition that the Brand had held, the event included several activities which encouraged the participating children and their parents to have fun while exercising their physical and cognitive skills and building group interaction.

Well-known and popular ( oh so handsome) artist Khalid Malik conducted the main part of the event and regaled the young audience with his stories, songs, humour and quick quizzes, all with a high level of interactivity. Upon arrival the children were greeted by a Tall clown ( which my daughter just loved) and entertained by jugglers, while a face-painting stand also drew a rush.

Peek Freans RIO fun carnival
Peek Freans RIO fun carnival

In between the various activities, sessions were held to give away the prizes to the competition winners. At the end the audience was treated to a magic show and refreshments( samosay, sandwich, mini pizza, juice, biscuits and very tasty tea) following which the children were given tickets to enjoy various rides at the amusement park. Loved the octopus and cup ride😀

Speaking on the occasion, Zulfiqar Ali Ansari, Head of Marketing at English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd. (EBM), the makers of Peek Freans RIO, stated, “When you think of Peek Freans RIO, you think of the fun-filled and flavourful experience it provides, especially for children, as they are the main target consumers of this product. We at EBM strongly believe that an essential part of growing up is to have an active lifestyle, and our event is aimed to bring home this message in a fun way.”

The competition run earlier by the brand required people to text unique codes printed on Peek Freans RIO packs to a designated number, followed by sharing their details. The audience was engaged throughout the length of the activity with interactive activities such as playing quizzes, sharing jokes, stories, etc. The campaign resulted in really successful engagement and more than 400,000 entries were generated. Over one hundred winners were then selected through a carefully fashioned metric ensuring a fair distribution of prizes. Prizes such as X-boxes, play stations, bicycles, toys, stationery sets and branded gift hampers were given.
Peek Freans RIO, launched in 1995, has taken the market by storm and become the number one selling cream biscuit brand within the entire biscuit industry. From a single flavor, the brand has grown to include several unique variants including Strawberry Vanilla, Chocolate Vanilla and Chocolate, which are loved by children across the country. I didn’t win any 😢😢😢

English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited, the maker of Peek Freans biscuits, has been a symbol of trust and confidence for consumers, making it the leading biscuit manufacturer of Pakistan. EBM is the first biscuit company in Pakistan to have achieved ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications. The Peek Freans brand also enjoys the internationally acclaimed Superbrands status.

Overall it was a well organized event by Asiatic PR. Much needed timeout on a warm day in Karachi.

Countryside Chalet Club E Resort

Entrance to village room
Entrance to village room

This is a housing and farmhouse project beyond Malir Cantt. Its got a pond in the center of it and is full of lush greenery.The best place for people looking for a healthy retreat from the hustle and bustle of Karachi. I had an experience of staying there in village room which was very well furnished. The place is quite relaxing and offers something to everyone. The dining experience was also nice. It has a dining hall, lawn sitting and food street arrangements. Swimming pool though lacks stairs but it was clean and enjoyable experience.

Pond and tree houses beside
Pond and tree houses beside

Countryside Chalet offers the experience of rich resort life while being close to nature.The  environment includes a huge entertainment area, picturesque lake, lush green lawns, cricket pitches, tennis courts, and a gym. While it has miscellaneous indoor games for those who don’t want to venture out far, They have an aviary, horse riding, swings, ATV buggies, Tonga rides mountain bikes and golf carts for the active visitors. A mini cinema resembling with cineplex is also an attraction. A mosque and super store is there for the visitors.

Break fast or Hi tea area
Break fast or Hi tea area

I enjoyed driving buggy and tonga ride is awesome. It reminds me of the days when we use to visit Punjab and fascinated with the ride of Tonga there. Pedal boating is also enjoyable but very tiring as it makes  my foot muscles cramp. Tree houses are nice and unique.

Overall a worthwatching place and an unforgettable visit.